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Estate Settlement or Probate

Probates established through a court process with a valid will or without a will require the appointment of a personal representative, or executor, to administer and settle the estate. Settling estates can be an administrative nightmare.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services has developed processes to handle the multiple layers of administrative work. HFS has assembled a wide network of professionals and vendors to help with all aspects of settling an estate from changing locks to appraising and selling valuable art and antiques.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services uses a fiduciary accounting system to track income and expenses, and it conforms to the accounting required by the probate court. This back office structure makes HFS very effective handling a probate

Hawaii Fiduciary Services, through the experience of its Principal, has settled ancillary estates on the mainland and abroad in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Mainland trust companies and attorneys have also worked with the Principal to settle ancillary estates in Hawaii when their decedent had assets in Hawaii. This far-ranging experience makes HFS a seasoned choice as a personal representative.

Where there is family dissension and contested probates involving litigation, Hawaii Fiduciary Services offers an objective 3rd party choice. Having a professional executor helps neutralize family conflicts and minimizes the cost of protracted litigation. Our goal is to foster a higher level of trust among the beneficiaries and heirs knowing the estate will be settled fairly.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services can serve as a Special Administrator until a personal representative is appointed.

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