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Conservatorships for an Adult or Minor

Conservatorships are established through a court process as the result of an individual’s inability to effectively manage his or her financial matters. The Court appointed conservator has a fiduciary responsibility for the financial management of the protected person’s assets, making the selection of a conservator an important decision.

Hawaii Fiduciary Services, through its Principal, has years of practical experience as a conservator and is able to provide timely annual accountings. HFS knows how to work with government agencies and private companies to maintain medical and retirement benefits and with banks and financial institutions to re-title and consolidate assets. HFS actively monitors and evaluates cash flow reports to ensure the protected person receives the best care affordable.

While a conservator is chiefly responsible for financial management, Hawaii Fiduciary Services regards the protected person as a whole person. HFS works jointly with the guardians and the caregivers to create the most humane life possible for the protected person,

For a minor, a conservatorship is created to handle an inheritance or settlement. While it makes sense for parents or family members to serve as guardians of the minor, it may not make sense for them to manage the assets, which can be considerable. Hawaii Fiduciary Services works jointly with the family or guardian to establish the financial needs of the minor.

Guardianship of the Person
If appointed as a conservator or trustee, Hawaii Fiduciary Services will consider serving as a guardian, preferring to share the guardianship with a family member or friend.

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